Live in the mountains. At least for a moment.

It is not that long ago that looking for good quality accommodation in Jablonec and its environs was no easy task. Happily, those times are now gone and the types of accommodation on offer in the Jablonec area are expanding every year. There is something for everybody who is looking for hotels, guesthouses, mountain chalets or camps.

Cottage Rychtářka

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Cottage Rychtářka offers accommodation in town Janov nad Nisou, in region Jizera Mountains (Jizerske hory).

Pension Farm Vyšehrad

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Pension Farm Vyšehrad offers accommodation in the Jizera Mountains Protected Area, in town Hraničná, next to city Janov nad Nisou. Newly built buildings provide comfortable accommodation. This is certified BIO farm specialising in cattle breeding and horses.

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Jizera Mountains Školní 448446801, Jablonec nad Nisou Phone: +420 603 152 291 E-mail: Web: Map: show on map View price list on the web Capacity Total capacity of beds: 6 Total number of rooms: 2 Types of room: twin, four-bed Facilities room with shower, [...]

Tourist hostel Janovská sokolovna

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The Janovská sokolovna sports complex offers accommodation in a hostel right in the centre of Janov nad Nisou in the Jizera Mountains region.

Mountain cottage Dívenka

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Mountain cottage Dívenka is situated in Horní maxov, in the Jizera Mountains, near the lookout tower Bramberk. Lookout tower Bramberk is one of the most beautiful towers in the whole Jizera Mountains. The cottage stands apart from other recreation facilities on the edge of a nature reserve Malá Strana, and is an ideal place, so for those who seek a peaceful environment.

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Jizera Mountains Lucany nad Nisou 14146871, Lucany nad Nisou Mobile: 606241816 E-mail: Web: Map: show on map Capacity Total capacity of beds: 50 Types of room Facilities communal bathroom, cooking facilities, grill, fireplace, garden, terrace, playing field, car park, coach parking Additional services breakfast, [...]

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Jizera Mountains Sadová 2546601, Jablonec nad Nisou Mobile: +420 608 111 908 E-mail: Map: show on map Price Approximate price per night / person: 290 CZK View price list on the web Capacity Total capacity of beds: 70 Types of room: single, twin, three-bed, four-bed [...]

Hotel Zlatý lev

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Hotel Zlatý lev Jizera Mountains Kostelní 19/146001, Jablonec nad Nisou Phone: +420 483 333 000 Mobile: +420 736 490 493 E-mail: Web: Map: show on map Capacity Total capacity of beds: 28 Types of room: single, twin Number of single rooms: 1 Facilities room [...]

Hotel Na Baště

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Hotel Na Baště Jizera Mountains Horní nám. 546601, Jablonec nad Nisou Mobile: +420 775 658 207 E-mail: Web: Map: show on map Capacity Total capacity of beds: 42 Total number of rooms: 18 Types of room: single, twin, three-bed, four-bed, suites Number of single [...]

Cottage Muhu

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The Muhu chalet offers accommodation in the village of Jindřichov, approximately 3 km from the town of Jablonec nad Nisou in the direction of Tanvald, in the Jizera Mountains region.