Live in the mountains. At least for a moment.

It is not that long ago that looking for good quality accommodation in Jablonec and its environs was no easy task. Happily, those times are now gone and the types of accommodation on offer in the Jablonec area are expanding every year. There is something for everybody who is looking for hotels, guesthouses, mountain chalets or camps.

Vila Vilekula

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Vila Vilekula Jizera Mountains Hrabětice 119646811, Janov nad Nisou Mobile: +420 604 490 248 E-mail: Web: Map: show on map Capacity Total capacity of beds: 42 Total number of rooms: 8 Types of room: twin, four-bed, multiple-bed Number of double rooms: 1 Number of [...]

Hotel Merkur

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Hotel Merkur is the largest facility of its type in Jablonec nad Nisou and, thanks to its location, is an ideal starting point for recuperative summer and winter tourism, business activity in the region, and sporting and cultural life.

Chata Bramberk

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Chata Bramberk , Phone: +420 602 474 713 E-mail: Web: View price list on the web Capacity Total capacity of beds: 34 Total number of rooms: 12 Types of room: twin, four-bed Number of double rooms: 7 Number of four-bed room: 5 Facilities room [...]

Lesní chata

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LESNÍ CHATA is located in the center of Bedrichov, directly above the stadium, where every year starts winter ski race Jizerská padesátka. Perfect place to start and finish Your trips to the Jizera Mountains.

Apartmány Maxov

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Cottage U Pekařů offers accommodation on the border of town Horní Maxov and Lučany nad Nisou, in a beautiful area of Jizera Mountains (Jizerske hory).

Apartmán Pod Lesem

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Apartmán Pod Lesem Jizera Mountains Pod Lesem 5381/2146602, Jablonec nad Nisou Phone: +420 774 830 234 E-mail: Web: Capacity Total capacity of beds: 4 Types of room: suites Facilities room with shower, room with WC, TV in the room, WiFi, cooking facilities, car park [...]

Chata Proseč

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Chata Proseč Jizera Mountains Pod Prosečí 5313/80, Jablonec nad Nisou Phone: +420 604 520 550 Mobile: +420 723 808 660 E-mail: Web: Price Approximate price per night / person: 400 CZK Capacity Total capacity of beds: 8 Types of room: suites Number of suites: [...]

Pension Půlměsíc

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The guest house Pension Půlměsíc lies in the very centre of Jablonec nad Nisou, which doesn’t affect the peace and comfort of our clients‘ accommodation though. Our guest house is often seeked by demanding customers, who appreciate a high quality of the services provided. Jablonec nad Nisou is the gateway to the Jizera Mountains, which is a good news for all sport lovers.

Pizzeria Paolo – Pension Půlměsíc

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Pizzeria Paolo - Pension Půlměsíc Jizera Mountains Soukenná 1346601, Jablonec nad Nisou Mobile: +420 723 580 136 E-mail: Web: Map: show on map Price Approximate price per night / person: 800 CZK View price list on the web Capacity Total capacity of beds: 11 [...]

Pension U Hrocha

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Pension U Hrocha offers accommodation in town Horní Maxov, in a beautiful area of Jizera Mountains (Jizerske hory).