The Jizera Mountains

It will just take one visit for you to understand why the Jizera Mountains are one of the most popular places in the entire Czech Republic. Wonderful rugged countryside which in many ways is reminiscent of Nordic tundra. All within reach of the comforts of the city. It does not matter which season you come to the Jizera Mountains, you will always fully enjoy all that our mountains have to offer – from beautiful and continuous virgin nature through to the always perfectly prepared cycle, hiking and skiing trails.

21 04, 2020

The cliffs of the Jizera Mountains

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Unlike sandstone climbing, which is very popular among climbers, coarse grained granite constitutes a challenge. The ascent up the Jizera Mountains cliffs is not without its cost and you will often receive a few bruises for your troubles, but several localities are available, if you still [...]

19 04, 2020

The monuments of the Jizera Mountains

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Few other places have as many monuments and crosses recalling the sites of the unlucky fates of people from the past as the Jizera Mountains. They are a phenomenon of this landscape and discovering them has become something of a passion for some enthusiastic hikers. They [...]

8 04, 2020

The Breached Dam

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A genius loci in the middle of mountains and forests, a beautiful place with a dark past. A huge tragedy took place there more than one hundred years ago. The reservoir on the White Desná River, which was supposed to protect the mountain municipality from floods, [...]

17 01, 2020

The Kristiánov glassmaking settlement

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Even though it has not been possible to come across a functioning glassworks in the middle of our mountains for almost a century, the places where they once stood are so magical that you often feel as if the master glassmakers had only just left the [...]

31 12, 2019

The President’s Lodge in the Jizera Mountains

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The President's Lodge (Prezidentská chata)  is an original timbered building dating from 1928 which provides mountain-themed accommodation at an altitude of 850 m above sea level on a ridge of the Jizera Mountains. The famous wooden mountain chalet has undergone comprehensive reconstruction, which returned it to [...]

31 12, 2019

The Black Nisa Reservoir in Bedřichov

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The highest located reservoir in the Czech Republic lies on the Black Nisa, 3 km to the north of Bedřichov and it has been part of the surrounding mountain countryside for one hundred years. The Bedřichov Water Reservoir (sometimes also called the reservoir on the Black Nisa or [...]

31 12, 2019

The Šámal Chalet at Nová Louka

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The Šámal Chalet, originally the Clam-Gallas hunting lodge, was used by Dr Přemysl Šámal, the Chancellor to President T. G. Masaryk, during the First Republic. The interior was lined with larch and the suite and bathroom were appointed to look identical to those in the Czernin [...]

13 12, 2019

Mountains reservoirs

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Like our lookout towers, reservoirs also constitute an integral of our mountains. We have eight of them, some located in towns and cities and others deep in the mountains. Most of them were created at the beginning of the 1920s as a defence against flooding and [...]

13 12, 2019

Lookout towers

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No other place in our country can boast as many lookout towers as the Jizera Mountains. We have more than ten of them and each is more beautiful than the last. All of them provide unforgettable vistas of distant regions. As such, you will not regret [...]

13 12, 2019

The Jizerka settlement

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You would be hard pressed to find a more magical or romantic area in the Jablonec area than at the Jizerka mountain settlement which is located at an altitude of 862 m above sea level, on the very border of not only our region, but also [...]

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