The Kittel Region

Discover the unique atmosphere of the region at the edge of the Jizera Mountains and the Bohemian Paradise, where the legendary Doctor Kittel successfully treated people from the local and more distant regions, often using highly unconventional methods, for almost the entire 18th century. You can visit his mysterious house known as the “Burk” and set off on interesting trips into the environs, which are always accompanied with distant views of the Giant Mountains.

29 12, 2019

Černá studnice

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The Černá Studnice Ridge dominates the entire region. Even though it is only ten minutes’ drive from Jablonec, it still gives the impression as if time has stood still there. A stone lookout tower of the same name has stood at its western end since 1905. [...]

13 12, 2019


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The history of this small village, which lies less than half an hour’s drive from Jablonec, stretches back to 1346. As such, Bzí was the oldest parish municipality in the upper Jizera area and it was also an administrative centre for the entire Jablonec area until [...]

13 12, 2019


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The village of Krásná, where Jan Josef Antonín Eleazar Kittel, the legendary doctor and healer, was born at the beginning of the 18th century, is the natural centre of the Kittel area. He built his mysterious house Burk, which was enormous by the standards of those [...]

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