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The history of Jablonec and the entire region is associated with glass and costume jewellery. The local craftsmanship has attained international renown and it has become famous far beyond this country’s borders. Over the centuries, products that are still able to astonish due to their breath-taking beauty and precision have been created under the hands of the glassmakers. You can now see them with your own eyes in several museums and exhibitions in the region. The most extensive and significant collection is owned by the Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.

2 05, 2020

The applied arts secondary school of glassmaking

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Professors J. Brychta, Z. Juna, L. Přenosil and others from the Prague University of Applied Arts, as well as the first principal A. Metelák, were present at the official opening in 1920. The school’s main mission is to train skilled, artistic and erudite glassmaking experts who [...]

29 12, 2019

The Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery

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The Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou is the only one of its kind in the world. Its exhibitions constitute one of the largest collections of glass in the Czech Republic, a collection of costume jewellery unique in Europe and the largest [...]

25 02, 2020

Železný Brod City Museum

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The City Museum has two permanent expositions. The glass-making exposition is located in the building of the savings bank on 3. května Square and presents the development of the glass-making industry in Železný Brod. The ethnographic exposition is located in the biggest timbered construction in Železný [...]

10 02, 2020

G&B beads – the Bead Production Museum

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You will come across the historical building of G&B Beads when driving from Jablonec to Bedřichov v Jizerských horách. It houses a huge array of pressed, cut, fire polished and lamp beads of the company’s own production. You can purchase finished jewellery or jewellery-making material in [...]

17 01, 2020

The Kristiánov glassmaking settlement

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Even though it has not been possible to come across a functioning glassworks in the middle of our mountains for almost a century, the places where they once stood are so magical that you often feel as if the master glassmakers had only just left the [...]

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