In much the same way as our region is well suited to cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking, so too does it have something to offer everybody who likes to ascend to the heights. And it does not matter, if this involves granite, sandstone, ice, ferrata or artificial climbing walls; Jablonec and its environs has them all, at every level of difficulty.

21 04, 2020

Cliffs in the Kamenice Valley

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The cliffs in the Kamenice River Valley are made of slate, they are often very brittle and the terrain is only used occasionally. There are, however, nice walls with relatively long passages of up to 80 m. The best way of walking through the entire area is [...]

21 04, 2020

The cliffs of the Jizera Mountains

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Unlike sandstone climbing, which is very popular among climbers, coarse grained granite constitutes a challenge. The ascent up the Jizera Mountains cliffs is not without its cost and you will often receive a few bruises for your troubles, but several localities are available, if you still [...]

13 12, 2019

The Dry Cliffs (Suché skály)

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You would be hard pressed to find more famous mountain climbing terrain in this area than the Dry Cliffs. The iconic shape of “Sušek”, on which the history of our mountain climbing has literally been played out, can be found just half an hour’s travel from [...]

13 12, 2019

The “Vodní brána” via ferrata

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It is also possible to find this increasingly popular type of secured mountain climbing wall here, specifically not far from the town of Semily, just half an hour’s travel from Jablonec. The Vodní brána rock tower is located above a bend in the Jizera River at [...]

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