The villa was built for the successful Jablonec costume jewellery exporter Jaroslav Hásek and his family (1930–31). The inspiration for it came from the Wohnung und Werkraum (WUWA) exhibition in Bratislava where he was intrigued by the design of a family home by the architect Heinrich Lauterbach. Lauterbach designed two family houses in Jablonec nad Nisou. The first of them was for Jaroslav Hásek and the second was for Friedrich Schmelowský. The Hásek Villa stands at the northern edge of the city on a slope above the Mšeno Reservoir. It is a three-storey building with a floorplan in the shape of the letter L. The house makes a light and airy impression with its lightweight balcony and its brilliant white facades and large glazed windows. It is as if it were hovering just slightly above the large landscaped garden. Experts consider the Hásek Villa to be one of the most beautiful examples of aerodynamic functionalism of the Wroclaw school. The current owner has had it very carefully renovated and it is now used for personal housing (the villa is not open to the public).