The Jablonec Doctor, Alfréd Kantor, had his family villa designed by the architect Heinrich Kulka, a pupil and long-time colleague of the internationally renowned architect Adolf Loos. The villa stands at the busy intersection of Palackého and U Přehrady Streets and it is highly reminiscent of the famous Müller Villa in Prague. It has four storeys and the substantially cubic mass is broken up by an irregular pattern of windows. The most distinctive element of the whitewashed facade is the entrance with a travertine facing and a glazed door with a grille. Doctor Kantor’s private surgery was located in the semi-recessed basement. The family was forced to abandon the villa after the war and to move to Germany. In the second half of the 20 century, the Kantor Villa was converted into a block of flats, which constituted significant architectural intervention. At present, it is no longer in any danger of any further insensitive structural modifications or even demolition, because its architectural value is sufficiently well-known and the villa is now owned by the city. (The villa is not open to the public)