The business and residential building, which was designed by the Jablonec architect Rudolf Günter, was built by Gustav Linke in 1929–1931 and it is one of the architectural gems of the city centre. It has been preserved in very good condition (with the exception of the parterre). The project was influenced by so-called German Brick Expressionism.

The first design variant was drawn up in 1929 and it was distinguished by somewhat classicising forms with a dominant corner tower. The brick cladding (made from clinker bricks) was only supposed to be used on the frames between the windows. However, the design was reworked and in the end they decided to go with a courageous design consisting of a façade with full clinker brick cladding. The cladding was clearly selected deliberately as protection against the harsh submontane climate. The period press designated the building the first modern building in Jablonec due to the type of cladding. Together with Liberec’s  Stross Villa, it is clearly the best quality example of Expressionist architecture in the Liberec Region.