Experts consider the villa to be an excellent example of the aerodynamic functionalism of the Wroclaw school. It was designed by the architect Heinrich Lauterbach for the dermatologist Friedrich Schmelowský and his wife Marie. The Schmelowský Villa stands in a quiet area of greenery. From Opletalova Street, it seems closed and inaccessible, but it presents a friendly face on the garden side with its large glazed surfaces. The extended shape of the house with the protruding rounded living area supported on steel pillars and the bathroom oriels with round “portholes” gives the impression of a cruising steamship. The layout of the house and the interiors is timeless and as such it continues to serve its enlightened owners today without the need for any modifications. The original German owners were displaced after the war and nothing else is known of their subsequent fate. The current owner is fully aware of the villa’s architectural value and looks after the building in an exemplary fashion. The villa is used as a private residence and is not open to the public.

Schmelowského vila v České televizi zde.