The villa on the corner of Zlatá and V Luzích Streets was designed by the architect Rudolf Günter for Fritz and Olga Schneider in 1929. The house was completed on 7th April 1930 and it was home to a family with children and a maid. From the point of view of the work of the young architect Günter, who had reached the peak of his powers at that time, this villa constitutes an interesting transition from traditional forms to modern ones. The villa was confiscated in 1945 and it was initially used by the state as a crèche and then later as housing for foster families with children. Unfortunately, insensitive structural modifications were performed at that time. A private owner purchased the building from the Liberec Region in a dilapidated state in 2012 and has gradually and sensitively returned it to its original condition, including the grandly designed garden. The new owner has renovated the villa in an exemplary fashion and in cooperation with experts. (The villa is not open to the public)