The public transport network in Jablonec is unique thanks to its density of stops and especially due to the scope of its routes. This means that regularly scheduled buses will take you into the Jizera Mountains.

The most frequented route is number 101, which passes through Janov nad Nisou on its way to Bedřichov in the Jizera Mountains or to Rychnov in the opposite direction. It runs every day, approximately once every hour. You can then set off from Bedřichov following the hiking tracks to the lookout towers at Královka and Slovanka and then back down to the mountain village of Jindřichov and on to Jablonec. Or you can choose any of the other nearby hiking destinations (the Šámal Chalet at Nová Louka is just 3 km from the “Bedřichov, central car park” bus terminal) and then return comfortably in the bus.

Another option is to travel to Horní Maxov in the number 104 bus and then to visit the nearby Bramberk Chalet and lookout tower. The journey back to Jablonec is then practically all downhill.

The current timetable is available online at

It is possible to board all the stated buses at the bus station or at any of the bus stops in the city which are included in their routes. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver at no extra cost.