Do you want to go running in Jablonec? That’s a great idea ….. Jablonec is tailor-made for running and there are numerous opportunities for running through this city set in nature. Here are some tips with regard to tested and popular groups. Try out some of them or even all of them!!!

Around the Jablonec Reservoir

Distance: 3.6 km, height difference: 17 m

This route will especially be appreciated by beginner joggers, not only due to its relatively undemanding profile which is predominantly flat, but also thanks to the permanently beautiful views which will assist them in overcoming any running crisis which they may experience. More experienced runners are sure to welcome the option of extending the trail to include the remaining two reservoirs, so that the overall length is then extended to 5 km.

Map here


To Proseč

Distance: 6.3 km, height difference: 213 m

This popular walking destination among inhabitants of Jablonec also makes a great running track. Most of the time is spent running through the forest and your feet will appreciate the comfort offered by a surface without asphalt. Those who love beautiful views should run the route in the opposite direction as they will be rewarded with a view of the panorama of Ještěd. However, nothing is for free and the route’s profile is much more demanding in this direction.

Map here



Roe Deer Valley (Srnčí důl)

Distance: 1.5 km, height difference: 63 m

The natural sports facility at Roe Deer Valley has always been and continues to be highly frequented by the public. It is long been used by athletes, recreational runners, school students, footballers and even the police and firemen as a fitness training venue. It is also ideal for walk for families with children or mothers with prams. It is possible to extend the basic route using an enormous number of paths and tracks, as well as the adjacent cycle trail ….

Map here



The Břízky Circuit

Distance: 2 km, height difference: 36 m

The biathlon and skiing facility used by our future Czech representatives (the Jablonec Ski Club and SKP Kornspitz Jablonec) is located just above the Jablonec Reservoir at an altitude of 600 m above sea level. This facility is also open to the public and it is ideal for running in summer. The cross-country skiing route forms a “circuit”, which is how the facility got its name. The basic circuit with an asphalt surface is 2 km long, but it is also possible to run into the adjacent forest and to extend the route.

Map here