One of the experiences which you are sure to long remember is a tram ride between the cities of Jablonec nad Nisou and  Liberec. The unique tram line was constructed after the 2nd World War, between 1947 and 1955. It leads through beautiful forests and passes through municipalities such as Vratislavice nad Nisou or Proseč nad Nisou. The tram is the most frequented means of public transport between Jablonec and Liberec and, even though the locals are used to it, it will no doubt provide you with a slight adrenaline rush.

The tram is the number 11 (timetable).  At peak times, it travels every 15 minutes. The embarkation point in Jablonec is the Tyrš Gardens. The tickets for the journey can be purchased from the ticket vending machine in the vehicle. The line is a narrow gauge track and it is the longest intercity tramline in the Czech Republic. Its total length is 13 km and the journey lasts approximately half an hour. It transports around 11,000 people every day!