Jablonec nad Nisou is a city set in the heart of the countryside and there are a large number of marked hiking and cycle tracks which lead from the city. The Jizera Mountains more or less stretch down to the city from the north and to the south you can set off for the picturesque countryside of Malá Skála or even the Bohemian Paradise. No matter whether you head north or south, you will always find trails surrounded by nature and many romantic vistas. You can choose one of the many lookout towers built on the nearby hills around Jablonec as your destination. We have selected a few tried-and-tested trips for you here and you can also find other tips here.

On foot to Černá Studnice
Just as Liberec has Ještěd, Jablonec has Černá Studnice. Perhaps its peak is not adorned by such a famous building, but Hemmrich’s majestic stone lookout tower dating from 1905 is certainly not something which can be overlooked. In addition, the tower also provides impressive panoramic vistas.
Route: 12.5 km long, a height difference of 429 m
Jablonec n. N., Mírové nám. – Vrkoslavice – Černá studnice  – Berany –  Pramen Nisy  – Jablonecké Paseky bus, vlak, MHD.
Map here

On foot to Bramberk
The trip to the 22 m high lookout tower dating from 1912 passes lower mountain meadows, picturesque Jizera Mountain chalets, mysterious forest areas with granite rocks and then culminates in the reward of wonderful views of Jablonec, the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains. The adjacent Bramberk chalet offers pleasant seating, a children’s corner and dog owners can bring their pets.
Route: 8.1 km long, a height difference of 259 m
Jablonecké Paseky (Bus, MHD, ČD) – Jindřichov – sedlo pod Krásným – Bramberk – Pod Bramberkem – Velké kameny – Lučany – Jablonecké Paseky.
Map here.

From Jablonec to the Bohemian Paradise
The Jana and Josef V. Scheybal Educational Trail connects the region of the Jizera Mountains with the area of the Bohemian Paradise and it takes visitors to interesting and lesser-known places. The first part of the trail leads to the south of Jablonec, from the local area known as Dobrá Voda, to Rychnov, Pelíkovice, Kopanina and Pulečný. The route includes a total of 17 stops. These are places with significant sights, interesting historical stories or places of natural interest. The educational trail also includes 16 stands with text and pictorial panels containing information associated with the history and the present of the individual places. The second part of the trail is 8 km long and it has 10 stops which point to places of historical and natural interest. It leads from Kopanina to Frýdštejn, Ondříkovice, the Vazovecké Valley and Dolánky u Turnova. Follow in the footsteps of the ethnographers Jana and Josef V. Scheybal and experience the picturesque and calm countryside.
More information about the first part of the trail is available here and about the second part of the trail here.