Bramberk rises as a distinctive peak with a lookout tower to the north of the township of Lučany nad Nisou. A number of marked and unmarked tracks lead up to the tower. The somewhat strange, albeit well-established name is associated with the name of a nearby settlement called Bramberg which subsequently gradually merged with the surrounding municipalities.

It is possible to see practically all of the Jablonec lookout towers from Bramberk. However, the sights also include Sněžka and Black Mountain (Černá hora) in the Giant Mountains and, for example, Klíč and Luž on the opposite side in the Lusatian Mountains. The Bramberk Chalet is a suitable destination for summer and winter hikes. In addition to refreshments at the restaurant, guests can also find accommodation there.
The lookout tower is owned and administered by the town of Lučany nad Nisou.