Císařský kámen has become a popular hiking destination in recent years. The new lookout tower has stood on the site since the autumn of 2018. The top of the lookout tower is equipped with plaques to identify the visible peaks and dominant features in the environs which assist in orientation when taking in the views of the surrounding region’s beauty. The original Imperial Rock (Císařský kámen) lookout tower dating from 2009 had to be disassembled due to its dilapidated condition and it was replaced with a new lookout tower, which was 3 m higher, in 2018. Given that the wooden structure of the original tower proved to be inadequate, the current lookout tower is made of steel and the wooden elements perform merely a decorative function. Climb to the top at a height above sea level of 637 m and take in the views from the Imperial Rock!

A trip to the lookout tower should also include a stop at the small buffet located approximately 500 m from the lookout tower in the settlement of Milíře, in the direction of Rádlo. It offers refreshments and a children’s corner and is mainly used by cyclists. It is open during the season; more information is available here. The lookout tower is freely accessible all year round