Smrk is the highest point in the Czech section of the Jizera Mountains and it has therefore been designated their “king”. On a clear day, it is apparently possible to see an amazing 240 km from there. The 23 m high metal lookout tower with observation platforms at two levels can accommodate ca 25 people and has stood there since 2003.  It is possible to see the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains, Ještěd, Bezděz and even Říp from its gallery. The first wooden lookout tower was built there in 1892. It lasted half a century in the harsh mountain conditions. There is a memorial stone to Theodor Körner, a poet and hero of the Napoleonic Wars who ascended the mountain in 1809, near the lookout tower.  The lookout tower is open to the public all year round.

– height above sea level: 1124 m, a nodal for the High and Medium Jizera Ridges