The Devil’s Rocks (the Devil’s Lookout (Čertova vyhlídka), 660 m above sea level) are located in the upper section of the municipality of Josefův Důl which is known as Peklo (“Hell”). The cliffs tower above the upper reaches of the Kamenice. They are also called the “Celtic Stones” (Keltské kameny), originally “Juselkoppe”. According to legend, the devil lived and wrought havoc on the cliff. He is supposed to have left an imprint of his backside at its peak as proof of this. When the devil was revelling, a firebird flew in and cast the stones around the wider environs. Nowadays, the site has been modified so that it can be safely visited by hikers. There is a banister and an observation platform, from which you can see, for example, the Josefův Důl valley and the dam of the Josefův Důl Reservoir. The observation point was established in 1904 thanks to the German Mountain Association which also erected a small inn there; a rock recess replaced the cellar for food and drink.

The observation point is easily accessible along the red-marked track or following the signs for the Gustav Leutelt Education Trail from Josefův Důl.