There is no greater Czech than Jára Cimrman! This genius, thinker and jack-of-all-trades also left behind traces of the time he spent in the region at the border of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains. The Lighthouse lookout tower, which is an excellent example of so-called natural architecture, rises in the beautiful area of the municipality of Příchovice (ca 20 minutes from Jablonec by car) in his honour. The viewing platform is located at a height of 803 m above sea level and it is therefore almost certainly the highest located lighthouse in the world – yet another of the Master’s ingenious visions has come to fruition after more than one hundred years! The structure was completed according to the designs of Professor of Architecture Martin Rajniš in 2013.

The ground floor area houses the Museum of Cimrman’s Age. The exhibitions include a number of truly authentic monuments to the time the genius spent in the Liptákov area. Everything has been carefully provided with explanatory texts by leading Cimrmanologists.

Your visit will be incomplete without trying the local beer at the U Čápa restaurant, located next to the Lighthouse. It is located in one of the oldest houses in the municipality, in house no. 1 known as “the Stork” (U Čápa), dating from 1654, which at that time became the foundation of Příchovice, which experts say was the archetype for the mythical Liptákov, and therefore also of the place of residence of one of the greatest Czechs.

The nearby forest park with natural climbing frames and swings offers activities for restless children, while there is also a nearby downhill slope and cross-country skiing trails for skiers.

If you should still have any time to spare, head off to the nearby environs of Příchovice with a number of interesting monuments, including the most beautiful lookout tower in the Jizera and Giant Mountains, Štěpánka, in the forefront. Welcome to a region where nobody hurries …