The Proseč Ridge is only a few kilometres long and its highest point reaches 593 m. Its position between Jablonec and Liberec and its easy accessibility from all sides make it a popular destination for Sunday walks in the countryside. A German mountain association was also involved in it becoming established as a walking destination. The stone lookout tower was designed by the well-known architect Robert Hemmrich in 1932. The granite tower with a square floor plan holds an observation platform at a height of 26 m above the ground. It is further crowned with a three-metre dome which protects the stairwell and enhances the tower’s appearance even during inclement weather. And the view from the tower is unexpectedly far-reaching. Is possible to see, for example, Black Mountain and the Jizera River, Štěpánka and Kotel in the Giant Mountains and the dominant features of the Ještěd Ridge on the opposite side. The original mountain chalet burnt down during a fire in 2003, but the lookout tower thankfully remained unaffected by this disaster.

– height above sea level: 593 m, the Proseč Ridge