The Černá Studnice Ridge dominates the entire region. Even though it is only ten minutes’ drive from Jablonec, it still gives the impression as if time has stood still there. A stone lookout tower of the same name has stood at its western end since 1905. It was designed by the architect Roberta Hemmrich and is not only one of the most beautiful lookout towers in the country, but it also provides distant panoramic views.

The first observation point on Černá Studnice was established as early as in 1885. This is borne out by the preserved inscription with the year carved into the rock. The stone lookout tower with a chalet, which still serves as a hiker’s pub today, was built by the German Mountain Association for the Jablonec and surroundings in 1905. The lookout tower offers a wonderful vista from Sněžka to Bezděz or Ralsko. The ridges of the Jizera Mountains rise to the north, while Tábor, Kozákov and the hillocks of the Bohemian Paradise are visible to the south. The Jablonec architect Robert Hemmrich won the tender to design the tower and the structure then gave him an excellent reputation and brought him a number of other jobs. He became the main builder of lookout towers in the Jablonec area.
The natural sled run leads from the top of the lookout tower. Under ideal snow conditions, it is possible to sled all the way down to Smržovka!
– height above sea level: 869 m, the  Černá Studnice Ridge