The preserved ruins of Frýdštejn Castle, which is especially known to Czechs from the filmed fairy tale of Princess Jasněnka and the Flying Cobbler, are located at the edge of a village of the same name, just twenty minutes’ drive from Jablonec. This typical guard castle, standing on steep and inaccessible cliffs, is a beautiful dominant feature of the Malá Skála area and it offers unique views of the countryside. It was established in the second half of the 14th century, probably by the Lords of Bieberstein. The castle was besieged by the Hussites at the beginning of the 15th century and it was recorded as being abandoned at the end of the 16th century. Beneath the castle, there is a simple sandstone chapel dating from 1823, which was built in the style of the folk baroque. The history of Frýdštejn is associated with the names of the painters Beneš Knüpfer and Eduard Milén or the stonemason Ignác Martinrc, who also worked on the decoration of the Pantheon.

Frýdštejn Castle was opened to the public in the 1990s after the Turnov Beautification Society purchased it from the Counts of Rohan from Sychrov and started reinforcing the masonry. Exhibits from the period of the castle’s settlement are held in the collections of the Turnov Museum. The castle is currently owned by the Municipality of Frýdštejn.