The neo-gothic Sychrov Château, which served as a residence of the originally French House of Rohan, has been used as a setting for numerous filmed fairy tales such as Goldilocks or the Immortal Aunt.
The history of the place where the château is now located stretches back to the 15th century. Originally, it was the site of a gothic fortress which was destroyed during the course of the Thirty Years War. Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein subsequently received the abandoned estate. Sychrov was then confiscated after his assassination in Cheb and was purchased by the Lords of Lamotte von Frintropp.
The baroque château at Sychrov later underwent classicist and neo-gothic reconstruction. Its romantic appearance is mainly thanks to the architect Josef Pruvot. The walls of the château are decorated with exceptionally valuable oil paintings of the ancestors of the House of Rohan and French kings. The château houses the largest collection of French portrait painting. The majority of the rooms are also distinguished by extensive wood carvings. The château rooms are appointed with their original furniture, paintings and other accessories. There is a memorial plaque to A. Dvořák on the heritage administration building in the château grounds.
Sychrov is a frequent venue for exhibitions and other events, for example night tours. It is also worth touring the adjacent château’s English landscape gardens, where you can see freely flying birds of prey accompanied by an expert commentary on the history of falconry both here and abroad given by a professional falconer.