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23 03, 2020

All-access walks

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Some tips for families with prams or people in wheelchairs. Favourable terrain without any steep climbs, nature and points of interest along the way! All you have to do is set off :-) To Nová Louka Head from Bedřichov, the legendary cross-country skiing centre, in the [...]

10 04, 2020

To the parks of Jablonec

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A walk through the city while still surrounded by greenery… The route, which avoids busy areas, will appeal to mothers and fathers with prams. Horní nám. (Letní kino) – Máchův park – Vrchlického sady – přehrada – plavecký bazén –  Mánesova ul. a zpět [...]

Délka: 3 km Převýšení: 57 m Doba: 1 hod.
13 12, 2019

Nip over to see our neighbours

2023-03-21T15:02:06+01:00Categories: Hiking, The Jizera Mountains|Tags: , |

Happily, the days when Polish border patrol officers arrested everybody who crossed the border without mercy are long gone and as such you can set off to the Silesian settlement of Orle, which lies in the midst of dense forest, without any worries. After enjoying classic [...]

Délka: 12.6 km Převýšení: 391 m Doba: 5 hod.
13 12, 2019

A gem of the Jizera Mountains

2021-03-23T10:31:21+01:00Categories: Cycling|Tags: , , |

Head off from the Smědava mountain chalet along the Promenade Trail (Promenádní cesta) in search of a true gem in our mountains, namely the Jizerka mountain settlement, which has stood in the midst of dense forests since 1539. The unique history of Jizerka is presented by [...]

Délka: 15 km Převýšení: 233 m Doba: 1 hod.
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