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10 04, 2020

To the parks of Jablonec

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A walk through the city while still surrounded by greenery… The route, which avoids busy areas, will appeal to mothers and fathers with prams. Horní nám. (Letní kino) – Máchův park – Vrchlického sady – přehrada – plavecký bazén –  Mánesova ul. a zpět [...]

Délka: 3 km Převýšení: 57 m Doba: 1 hod.
13 12, 2019


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The village of Krásná, where Jan Josef Antonín Eleazar Kittel, the legendary doctor and healer, was born at the beginning of the 18th century, is the natural centre of the Kittel area. He built his mysterious house Burk, which was enormous by the standards of those [...]

13 12, 2019


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The history of this small village, which lies less than half an hour’s drive from Jablonec, stretches back to 1346. As such, Bzí was the oldest parish municipality in the upper Jizera area and it was also an administrative centre for the entire Jablonec area until [...]