Set off from the source of the Nisa River and ride all the way to the Baltic! The international cycle trail is more than 600 km long and it passes through three countries: the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. It winds through nature from the Jizera Mountains all the way to the Baltic Sea and passes through places with a rich past.

Those who wish to become acquainted with the river from its source to its mouth could not wish for a better start to the journey. The cycle trail starts in the Jablonec area, at the source of the Nisa River in Nová Ves. You can admire the wonderful nature of the Jizera Mountains at the beginning of this section. If you want to view Jablonec and its historical areas, just take a slight turn from cycle trail 3038 and continue along the route in the direction of the municipalities of Rádlo and Milíře… Map here.

You can find more detailed information about the entire cycle trail on-line