Trails for the wider cycling public passing through the forests on the slopes of Tanvaldský Špičák which can be ridden by skilful children, but are also used by experienced cyclists.

Currently, there are three trails (blue, red and the technical black trail) with a total length of approximately 8 km. The trails lead through the forest from the top of Špičák and are approximately 1 m wide. When riding them, cyclists overcome a series of cambered corners and bumpy terrain. It is also worth mentioning the rocky section in the upper part of the red trail which passes in close proximity to the cliffs. We recommend that you ride the black section slowly, as it is technically demanding. This includes, for example, the unconventional rock garden corner. It is possible to use the chair lift or the road leading from Albrechtice to the top of Špičák to travel up the hill.

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The Tanvaldský Špičák Bike Park in the “Hory horem pádem” program on Czech Television