This undemanding walk around the city will acquaint you with 9 famous Jablonec villas and it is mainly designed for lovers of architecture. Now as before, the majority of the villas are in the hands of private owners and as such it is only possible to admire them from the outside. Despite that, they often impress with their timeless concepts and elegance, while at other times with their elaborate details. They were often not only built for family housing, but also as the representative offices of the most significant export companies.

Máchova (Linkeho dům) – Jugoslávská (Dresslerova vila) –  Korejská (Giebischova vila) – 28. října (vily bratří Jägerů) – (Schmelowského vila) – Riegrova (Riegrova) – Palackého (Kantorova vila) – Průběžná (Háskova vila)

Linkeho dům, 1920–1931, Máchova 1 čp. 544
Dresslerova vila, 1906, Jugoslávská 13 čp. 1885
Giebischova vila, 1911, Korejská 21 čp. 2137


Vily Josefa a Maxe Jägera, 1909 a 1912, Ul. 28. října 24 čp. 1970 a 22 čp. 1969
Schmelowského vila, 1933, Opletalova 29 čp. 3102


Löblova vila, 1925, Riegrova 3 čp. 2573
Kantorova vila, 1933–1934, Palackého ulice 26 čp. 3111
Háskova vila, 1931, Průběžná 10 čp. 449