The Jablonec nad Nisou-Mšeno Reservoir is not only a popular place for swimming and doing sports, but also for architectural and technical points of interest. It is worth seeing the original granite dam or the giant “Fishing Rod”. So let’s go on a walk around this more than one-hundred-year-old hydraulic structure, so that you can be refreshed by the view of the surface rippling in the wind and the ubiquitous greenery. The route is also suitable for children, for whom there are a number of playgrounds. It is also suitable for recreational joggers.

Our reservoir, sometimes also called the “Jablonec Sea”, is the largest urban body of water in Central Europe. It was constructed in 1906–1911 to protect against flooding which had tormented the inhabitants living in the foothills.  You can get there from the centre of the city after a fifteen-minute walk along Palackého Street.

Palackého ul. (minipivovar Volt) – Udice – Rybářská bašta – Tajvan – Sluneční Lázně a zpět