Not many cities can boast such a large number of art nouveau buildings as Jablonec. If you like decorative façades, lines, curves, shapes of a botanical nature or masks (three-dimensional decorative elements in the form of human or animal faces), set off with us in search of the Jablonec art nouveau. Jablonec nad Nisou experienced unprecedented growth at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, mainly thanks to the production of glass and costume jewellery. The economic growth was also reflected in the construction of art nouveau villas, the town theatre and the bathhouse.  You can find art nouveau buildings at almost every turn in Jablonec. Unfortunately, many of them are not currently in good condition. Despite that, however, their façades now tell a story of the glory and wealth of the former Jablonec.

Soukenná – Lidická – Jiráskova – Podhorská –  Husova – V Nivách – Podhorská – Smetanova – Korejská – Liberecká –  Budovatelů – Mírové náměstí