The first part of the educational trail leads to the south of Jablonec, from the local area of Dobrá Voda to Rychnov, Pelíkovice, Kopanina and Pulečný. The contents of the educational trail are based on the legacy of the Scheybals, as well as on the values which they professed. Few creative personalities have been as essentially associated with Jablonec and the countryside of North Eastern Bohemia as Josef V. Scheybal and his wife Jana.
The trail includes a total of 17 stops. They are places of significant interest with captivating historical stories or points of natural interest. The educational trail includes 16 stands with panels of texts and pictures which contain information associated with the history and the present of the individual places.

You can find out more about the second part of the trail which leads from the lookout tower on Kopanina via Frýdštejn Castle and on to Dolánky u Turnova here.

The Jana and Josef V. Scheybal Educational Trail in the “Toulavá kamera” program on Czech Television

Jablonec nad Nisou – Dobrá Voda – Rychnov – Pelíkovice – Kopanina – Pulečný (MHD bus č. 101 zpět do Jablonce)