Unlike sandstone climbing, which is very popular among climbers, coarse grained granite constitutes a challenge. The ascent up the Jizera Mountains cliffs is not without its cost and you will often receive a few bruises for your troubles, but several localities are available, if you still decide to take on this coarse beauty. 

 The Jizera Mountains Beech Wood

A national nature reserve which is popular among climbers due to the significant number of rock formations and observation points which provide views of the environs as a result of the significant inclines in the terrain. Climbing is permitted in the listed areas and in the defined areas all year round, for example: Stržový vrch and KopřivníkSrázy and PoledníkMalý and Velký ŠtolpichPolední kameny and hlídačiPaličníkTišina and SmrkYou can find the map here.

There is a detailed list of the cliffs on the Czech Mountaineering Association website. The site also includes the climbing  rules with regard to environmental protection. Upon entering the reserve, hikers and climbers, who are not members of the CMA, have to adhere to the rules of conduct in a Nature Reserve.


 The Černá Studnice Ridge

It stretches between Jablonec and Tanvald and has two rocky areas. The first is located less than a kilometre from the Černá Studnice lookout tower and it mainly consists of the group known as the Devil’s Rocks (Čertové Skaly).

The other area is Muchov – Šouf in the environs of the Muchov peak (786 m).

You can find the map here.