Take a ride on the unique mountain railway which has become a technical monument thanks to the rack-and-pinion system installed between its rails. The line starts in Tanvald and passes through picturesque stations, forests and crags via Harrachov and on to the Polish Giant Mountains.

It is possible to take a Czech Railways train from Liberec to Tanvald and on to Szklarska Poręba in Poland. The line is 55 km long and it offers beautiful views of the countryside in the Jizera and Giant Mountains. The rack-and-pinion section is, however, only a small part of the overall line. It measures 7 km, starts in Tanvald and ends in Kořenov. It is accompanied by a wide range of points of interest; for example, picturesque stations, forests and crags along the line. The line crosses four bridges and passes through four tunnels, whereby the longest of them is 940 metres long (it is the longest single-track tunnel in the Czech Republic). The rack-and-pinion line includes a preserved 4.43 km long dual rack and pinion with a height difference of 235 metres. It is the steepest in the Czech Republic!