If you see a group of huskies dashing through the Jizera Mountains with a sled in tow, it will probably be the musher Jana Henychová, who lives and trains dogs in the small mountain municipality of Horní Maxov. She has been the champion of the Czech Republic and Europe several times and was the first ever foreign female to complete the third longest race in the world consisting of 1000 km in Norway. You can also try mushing and all that goes with it. You will get to know the wonderful pack of 26 huskies and you can help to harness and hitch up the dogs before heading off into the terrain. The program is highly variable and it will always depend on what interests you and what you wish to learn about the dogs and living with them.

Due to the large numbers of skiers in the Jizera Mountains in the winter months, it is not possible to realise the program between December and March. As such, Jana Henychová takes her dogs to Scandinavia at that time.  The program can be realised from April to November!

Details online at www.janahuskies.com/prace-se-psim-sprezenim