If you are looking for calmer skiing, a family atmosphere and if a single slope is sufficient for you, you will be surprised at how many hills in the environs of Jablonec can be skied at reasonable prices. The smaller resorts often surprise with their hospitality and their clear layout is especially a bonus for families with children when compared with larger resorts. One disadvantage is usually the later start to the season as some slopes have snowmaking facilities and are able to keep up with larger competitors, but others have to wait for natural snow.

Dobrá Voda Jablonec nad Nisou – a downhill slope right in the city, in operation whenever there is snow.

The U Pily ski tow, Lučany nad Nisou – a wide sunny slope approximately 7 km from Jablonec.

Filip Smržovka – the town of Smržovka has its own ski tow. It also offers evening skiing.

The Zásada Skiing Centre – the slope, which will also satisfy slightly more demanding skiers, is located 10 km from Jablonec. The car park is located directly next to the centre and it is possible to ski from morning till night.

Ski Plavy – the facility is equipped with a Poma tow and a children’s rope tow on the northern side of the Filoun Hill. Skiing school courses are available for new skiers and constant beginners

The Detoa Skiing Facility, Albrechtice v Jizerských horách – Detoa is not only the birthplace of popular wooden toys, but also a family skiing facility with a skiing school for young children.

Černá Říčka Desná – a new children’s Poma ski tow, lighting for evening skiing, a ski hire and servicing. All of this is offered by the small skiing facility at the edge of Desná v Jizerských horách.

The U Vodárny Skiing Facility, Bedřichov – a separate downhill slope in Bedřichov which is not part of the Jizerky Ski Arena. In addition to a ski tow, it also offers favourable snow conditions and snow-tubing.

Ski Policie Bedřichov – a separate downhill slope in Bedřichov which is not part of the Jizerky Ski Arena. It operates ski tows, a ski carousel and a skiing school near the Dolina restaurant.

Ski Lucifer – skiing which especially suits families with children, there is a children’s ski tow and magic carpet, without any significant queues.

The Nová Ves Ski Tow – suitable for small children and complete beginners.
tel.: 731 565 447

The Zálesí Rychnov Ski Tow – an occasional ski tow which operates according to the snow conditions.
tel.: 603 852 950