REZEK Brewery from Zásada

Jizera Mountains

Zásada 15446825, Zasada

Mobile: +420 602 439 889
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A new regional brewery from the Jizera Mountains 

Daniel Rezek decided to open the brewery two years ago, when he was operating a local tourism experience agency in Zásada. “Originally, I started flying around Černá Studnice on a tandem parachute, then this was supplemented with interactive glassblowing and bead-making workshops, a blacksmith’s workshop and a guesthouse two years ago. Everything was created so that I could show locals and tourists that it is not necessary to travel far to see beauty. At the same time, I wanted to increase the profile of Zásada and its environs. The brewery was the last piece in this jigsaw puzzle,” said the owner.

And what does the REZEK brewery offer visitors? Mainly unfiltered, unpasteurised beer drawn from lager tanks. The main production consists of light 11° and 12° beers, semi-dark 12° beer and the top-fermented semi-dark 13° ale, but it also includes several special beers throughout the year. Beer is brewed there according to traditional recipes. “We bring our own invention, tastes and aromas to production, which the technology of small breweries allows. Of course this does not involve significant differences in comparison with traditional technology,” explained the brewer. “Moreover, we have a technical speciality here – a self-service tap. It is located outside the brewery building and, after purchasing and charging a card, the customers can pour their own beer, as much as they want and whenever they want it.” The entire brewery building provides disabled access, so the tour of the brewing house, the fermenting hall and the lager cellar is also open to individuals with handicaps. The inn seats just under one hundred guests, which makes it one of the bigger halls in the region. Come and have a look – we are looking forward to your visit. 

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