Like the cross-country skiing trails, the hiking trails begin right in Jablonec. Their clear signposting will help you to follow them to all the corners of our beautiful region. As such, you will not only get to know the silent beauty of the Jizera Mountains, but also the wild and deep Kamenice River canyons, the cool underground beauty of the Bozkov caves or the fairy-tale landscape of the Malá Skála area.

20 03, 2020

To the Nisanka lookout tower and the source of the Nisa

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An eight-kilometre circuit from Jablonecké Paseky to the Nisanka lookout tower, the source of the Nisa and then back to Jablonec via Nová Ves and Kynast. Jablonecké Paseky – Císařská lípa – rozhledna Nisanka – pramen Nisy – Kynast a zpět    

Délka: 8 km Převýšení: 220 m Doba: 2.5 hod.
30 03, 2020

To the Bramberk lookout tower

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On the way to the stone lookout tower, another of the beauties designed by the architect Hemmrich, you can look forward to submontane meadows, picturesque Jizera Mountain chalets and mysterious forest nooks with granite cliffs. You will be rewarded for the climb with excellent views of Jablonec, [...]

Délka: 11 km Převýšení: 296 m Doba: 3.5 hod.
29 12, 2019

On foot to Černá Studnice

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Just as Liberec has Ještěd, so too do the people of Jablonec swear by Černá Studnice. Admittedly, there is no famous structure on its peak, but Hemmrich’s majestic stone lookout tower dating from 1905 is nothing to sneeze at. If we add to that the no [...]

Délka: 12 km Převýšení: 471 m Doba: 4 hod.
6 04, 2020

The Way of the Cross to Slovanka

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Ways of the Cross are expressions of the faith of believers. In the Jizera Mountains, they can not only be found inside churches, but also in nature. One such example involves the Way of the Cross which leads through the forests to the Slovanka lookout tower. [...]

Délka: 4 km Převýšení: 133 m Doba: 1.5 hod.
6 04, 2020

From Bedřichov to Trniště via the Way of the cross

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You can set off along the High Ridge from Bedřichov to places where miracles occurred according to the old stories. The route will take you to a spring with apparently healing water, to a place of pilgrimage and an altar in the cliff. And then slightly [...]

Délka: 6 km Převýšení: 191 m Doba: 3 hod.
31 12, 2019

The Jana and Josef V. Scheybal Educational Trail – Part I

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The first part of the educational trail leads to the south of Jablonec, from the local area of Dobrá Voda to Rychnov, Pelíkovice, Kopanina and Pulečný. The contents of the educational trail are based on the legacy of the Scheybals, as well as on the values [...]

Délka: 12.5 km Převýšení: 258 m Doba: 3 hod.
1 01, 2020

The Jana and Josef V. Scheybal Educational Trail – Part II

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The second part of the educational trail links the region of the Jizera Mountains with the area of the Bohemian Paradise and provides visitors to North Eastern Bohemia with the option of discovering new interesting and lesser-known places. It reminds visitors to Jablonec nad Nisou and [...]

Délka: 8 km Převýšení: 258 m Doba: 2 hod.
1 01, 2020

The Gustav Leutelt Educational Trail

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Start from the centre of Janov and follow the red-marked trail up to the well-known Severák ski resort, from where it is just a short distance to the oldest iron lookout tower in Bohemia, Slovanka, which has stood there since 1887. After you have enjoyed the [...]

Délka: 6.5 km Převýšení: 258 m Doba: 2 hod.
10 04, 2020

To the parks of Jablonec

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A walk through the city while still surrounded by greenery… The route, which avoids busy areas, will appeal to mothers and fathers with prams. Horní nám. (Letní kino) – Máchův park – Vrchlického sady – přehrada – plavecký bazén –  Mánesova ul. a zpět [...]

Délka: 3 km Převýšení: 57 m Doba: 1 hod.
13 12, 2019

Nip over to see our neighbours

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Happily, the days when Polish border patrol officers arrested everybody who crossed the border without mercy are long gone and as such you can set off to the Silesian settlement of Orle, which lies in the midst of dense forest, without any worries. After enjoying classic [...]

Délka: 12.6 km Převýšení: 391 m Doba: 5 hod.
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